IDW Publishing has given us an exclusive sneak peek at the second issue of their subterranean undead versus automata miniseries, Zombies Vs Robots: Undercity. After Infestation, the zombie survivors and "the Godbots" battle off the relentless hordes of living dead.

The issue hits stands Wednesday, May 18. Here's a synopsis from IDW:

Zombies Vs Robots: Undercity #2 (OF 4)
Story: Chris Ryall
Art: Mark Torres
Cover:Mark Torres & Garry Brown
Size: 32 Pages
Price: $3.99
The zombie plague has overrun the world above, so a band of survivors has gone underground. Meanwhile, Rev. Ironwood, one of the chosen survivors, has elected to remain above and, with the help of his fleet of Godbots, help usher in the Rapture. But neither plan above or below goes as expected. If it didn't, this wouldn't be the world of ZvR!