In this gallery, photographers show us unidentified cloudy objects. These are clouds that look so weird that it's as if some kind of alien vessel shaped them. And who knows? Maybe one did.

One of the truly great things about Flickr is that you can search for "UFO cloud" and get over 6,000 results. Here are some of the weirdest!

This cloud rises up like a cloaked alien globe behind the Taipei 101 Building in Taiwan. Photo by DragonRal.

A strange whirling, stack of saucers over Mt. Ranier. Photo by Tonx.

Seriously what the hell is this inverted, upsidown zuggeraut? Photo by Nonong_O.

Blood-red lenticular clouds hint at the extraterrestrials' sinister intentions. Photo by gotoabc7.

UFO attack cloud! Photo by Ethan Hunt.

Triple-layer alien-sculpted clouds in Highland, California. Photo by Ryan.

Unidentified extraterrestrial explosion, or just an amazing cloud formation in Alba? Photo by Mandalandala.

The red ships glower over the terrified landscape. Or maybe it was just a cumulus nimbus cloud? Photo by neofito.

Flying saucer invasion over France. Photo by Marc Veraart.

A giant flying saucer! Photo by Richard Nix.

Another French UFO invasion, this time in southern France. Photo by dumbo.