MARTIAN SEPARATISTS ATTACK | Amazing concept art by Matt Tkocz. See more here.

I am sorry you have to live in the time of terraforming, and not in the spring that follows

It was what she always said, late at night, when the environment-makers moaned and the distant cliffs ran with magma. We were the first generation, doomed to live before the history of this planet began. More »

The kingdom was hewn from rocks that floated in air, joined only by the steel of bridges

They built on every surface of the mountain, even after it exploded into a million drifting shards. Each unmoored chunk became a small annex of the palace, connected to the main castle by trains that rushed over airborne tracks. More »

Cities that hover in the clouds of gas giants

Ever since I read Iain M. Banks' The Algebraist, about creatures who live on gas giant planets, I have dreamt of gas giant cities. Luckily, the amazing site issued a challenge a couple of years ago to design one. More »

The Fantastical Pinup Girls of Danni Shinya Luo [NSFW]

Danni Shinya Luo's work focuses on the beauty of the female form, and she understands what makes a woman sexy. Using watercolors, she combines the fierceness of a woman's power with the bright, fresh colors of the natural world. More »

The ship that came to port did not float upon the water

One does not often see a ship of such size landing on the beach. But more extraordinary than its size was the fact that it did not land at all. From its hidden decks issued a flock of mechanical beasts. More »

A city for your thoughts

When the old cities had crumbled into nonsense stones, the grand avenues and statuaries were fertilizer for a thousand generations' farms. Until the great rains unburied the past, piece by piece. More »

What's in Odin's Vault? Plus other cool stuff from the Art of Thor

Chances are, you've already seen Thor - but you didn't see all the cool stuff that appeared on the screen, as well as all the insane artwork and design work that went into creating the film. More »

New footage and concept art from The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The new Planet of the Apes prequel is coming this summer, but we haven't seen much of it yet - until today. In a fascinating online interview, effects masters Weta released some footage and concept art from the origins tale. More »

It was a labyrinth that spanned worlds

Think twice before you enter a maze that does not end at the horizon. You never know where it won't take you More »

Only one artist dares to capture alien creatures in their natural habitat

Plenty of artists and would-be naturalists are content to observe extraterrestrial beings from a discreet distance - perhaps a few miles away, via hyperzoom. But only artist Alex Ries, aka Abiogenesis, is willing to approach these creatures and paint them. More »

Propaganda posters urge you to keep calm and shoot Nazi dinosaurs

When Hitler's dino-hordes storm Normandy, will you have the wherewithal to beat them back? Allied propaganda posters from a lizard-filled WWII urge you to take arms against these Jurassic Nazis, while Axis posters tout raptors as the strength of Germany. More »

Painter adds giant monsters to drab yard sale landscape paintings

You know those dreary landscape paintings that haunt every yard sale and adorn too many a gallery wall? Artist Chris McMahon adds his own touches to such paintings - and proves that giant monsters can improve just about anything. More »