Chances are, you've already seen Thor — but you didn't see all the cool stuff that appeared on the screen, as well as all the insane artwork and design work that went into creating the film.

Like the contents of Odin's Vault, the storehouse of secret weapons that the King of Asgard has stashed over the years. The new art book The Art of Thor includes some detailed pics of all of Odin's treasures. It also has some thrilling concept art, and some gorgeous scans have appeared online.


The image above is the Warlock's Eye, a mystical weapon that was used against Asgard during an unsuccessful invasion. Check out more goodies from the vault of Odin, plus other great concept art.

Odin's Vault images via The Daily Blam. Other images via Basheer Graphic Books on Facebook and Scans_Daily.

The left-hand item is the Eternal Flame, a mystical flame that could not be extinguished, stolen from Surtur by Odin and his companions, preventing the coming of Ragnarok. But what are the other two items? The Daily Blam speculates that the middle item is the Eye of Agamotto, but Marvel's Kevin Feige has already denied that rumor. And what could the item on the right be?

The Infinity Gauntlet, which can hold the Infinity Gems, and give you... well, infinite power. You'd think if someone had access to this, they'd stop worrying so much about whether they could wield a hammer or sit on some boring Asgardian throne.

If one hammer is good, how about loads of hammers? Designed by Charlie Wen.

Some early Thor concept art.

And a totally badass Thor image by concept artist Ryan Meinerding.

More Thor art.

A better look at those guards from the throneroom of Asgard. Awesomeness!

And some more random Asgardian citizens. Concept art by Constantine Serkeris.

Thor vs. Loki. This art has been around, but it's still amazing, and this might be the highest res version we've seen so far.

Via Basheer Graphic Books, which is selling the book, here is some concept art of the Frost Giants.