It's almost the weekend! So what better time to celebrate the great space battles: The Battle of Yavin. The Sacrifice of Angels. That time Adama said "Launch the alert Vipers." We've gathered some stunning space battle desktop wallpapers for you.

Because your computer screen should be celebrating the interstellar heroism and courage of our fighting men and women at all times.


To download any of these, just right-click where it says "expand," and then select "open in new tab" or "save link as." You can also follow the links to the original sources. Note: We've credited the original artist wherever possible — but if you know the original artist for one of these wallpapers, please email us and we'll add the info.

Top image: Space Battle HD Wallpaper at Wallpaper Vortex

Evading the Bats by Jake Murray

Dark Nova Fleet Battle Redux by Breandan_OCiarrai at DeviantART

Space Battle Wallpaper at Wallpaper Pimper

Future Space Battle

Sacrifice of Angels by Hathawayp4 at DeviantART

Battle of Yavin at Wallpaper77

Space Battle Wallpaper at Wallpaper Pimper

Attack from Above by Eudarion at DeviantART

Space Battle Solo by Aaron Bautista

Space Battle Trials 1 by eRe4s3r at DeviantArt

HaloReach Space Battle at

Space Battle 3-16 by darth_laudrup at photobucket

Battlestar Galactica Wallpaper at Wallpaper Abyss

Stargate Wallpaper by Mirko Stoedter at The Scifi World

Laser Tag by Nick Herres at Wallpaper Pimper

Fire Everything! by Phoenix-06 at Deviant Art

Space Battle HD Wallpaper at Wallpaper Vortex

Space Battle Wallpaper at Wallpaper Pimper

Battle of Endor via Star Wars Wikia.

Battlestar Galactica Online Wallpaper at