We've previously featured parodies of globe-trotting Tintin covers, and here are 12 more of his never-was escapades. Watch as Hergé's boy adventurer, his faithful dog Snowy, and Captain Haddock battle the Teen Titans and enter the Grid.

By Luc Jacamont

This cover by Joost Verkamp shows what happened if Tintin in Tibet went horribly wrong (original cover here).

Artwork by Dan Hipp.

Tintin meets French New Wave actress Chantal Goya in this romance novel throwback cover (Tintin Magazine, 1982)

Artwork by Dan Hipp.

Tintin gets trapped on Mars by R. Sikoryak.

Xiphos gives Tintin the anime treatment.

In this totally bonkers artwork by Orlando, Captain Haddock joins The Brotherhood of Evil from DC Comics. Monsieur Mallah and the Brain!

Artwork by Yves Rodier.

Artwork from the radiological department of a hospital in the French town of Nancy (original here).

Dran takes Tintin to a soccer riot.

Artwork by André Juillard.

You can see many more fake covers over at Adesso.

[Via Brandon Graham]