We've caught our first glimpse of the villain of Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot (sort of). While shooting a special scene, one oddly covered extra scurried past photographers hoping to hide his identity. But his eyes reveal his secret.

As you can see, the mysterious figure is shrouded in blue with hands in his pockets totally covering every scrap of skin so the big reveal doesn't leak out.

But if you look closer at the eye holes in the mask it's pretty evident that there's a lot of green make-up and scales covering the subjects face. The reporting with the photos also seem to confirm that the shrouded figure is actor Rhys Ifans who is playing Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man.


There are more images in this video.

So. what do you think? Are you happy the production is leaning a bit harder on practical make-up and not CG? We certainly are, but alas we still haven't seen the final result (and probably won't for quite some time, if they keep going to these lengths to protect the Lizard's scaly face!

Via Splash News Online.