What's in stores this week? A new comic about young superfoes, a manga about budding superheroes, the second installment of Fear Itself, and an über-adorable return to the Sandman universe.

Oh, and don't forget that Saturday is Free Comic Book Day — you can find more information about this annual free funny pages festival here.

First Issues

Firs tup, we have Gladstone's School For World Conquerors by Mark Andrew Smith and artists Armand Villavert and Carlos Carrasco (above). It's a super-cute look at evildoers in training and the schoolyard politics of becoming an A-List bad guy. In terms of Marvel, Daredevil's Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev start up a new Moon Knight series and Christopher Yost pens Fear Itself: Spider-Man.


Other Releases

The second issue of Fear Itself is out — ancient and unpleasant Asgardian deities are handing out giant magic hammers like candyfloss with Thor nowhere in sight.

The reprint anthology Green Lantern Super Spectacular republishes memorable tales from Alan Moore, Darwyn Cooke, and other GL creators. Image is also releasing $1 reprints of Jonathan Hickman's The Nightly News and Kieron Gillen's Phonogram, and DC is reprinting the dystopian alternate reality tale Son of Superman.


Other comics of interest may include new issues of Irredeemable, The Boys, Axe Cop, Sweet Tooth, Alan Moore's magazine Dodgem Logic, Uncanny X-Force, Secret Six, iZombie (which is running a real-time story arc with a month passing between each issue), and Spike (check our preview here).


Graphic Novels

Wednesday brings us not only supervillains in training — we also get novice heroes as well. Temeraire author Naomi Novik branches out into manga with Liberty Vocational Volume 1: Will Supervillains Be On The Final? You can check out our preview of it here.


Long-time Sandman and Beasts of Burden artist Jill Thompson returns to the Endless with the hardcover Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook — her prior Little Endless Storybook is back in print as well.

Hate's Peter Bagge wrote a series of Batboy cartoons for the World Weekly News, and they're being collected this week by IDW. Also of note are Leslie Stein's semi-autobiographical fantasy graphic novel Eye Of The Majestic Creature and more science fiction insanity from Santa Sangre director Alexandro Jodorowsky in his short story collection Screaming Planet. Also on the stands are Volume 10 of Brian Wood's DMZ and a reprinting of Brian Michael Bendis' Jinx.


As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Happy reading, gang!