This is KWKPromes' Safe House, a palatial modern home that transforms into a doorless monolith. It's perfect for keeping up with the Jones (and keeping out the Jones when they try to steal your kerosene and Labrador to fricassée).

Safe House stands outside of Warsaw, Poland. Here are the home's specs from World Architecture News:

The sliding walls (both 2.2m high, 15 and 22m long) are not the only mobile elements of the building. Apart from these, there are large shutters – all 2.8m high, with width ranging up to 3.5m, and a drawbridge, leading to the roof terrace above the swimming pool. A giant roll-down gate closing the southern elevation also functions as a movie projection screen. All the movable elements are based on built-in electric motors. The whole building is a concrete monolith, while its mobile parts – for the sake of considerable size – are light steel frameworks filled with mineral wool. As a result, the building is excellently insulated when closed.

The home also contains a series of gates and limited entry points to keep out unwanted guests. Check it out on lockdown.

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[Spotted on Boing Boing]