The Hobbit has been printed in a ton of different languages, and many of these international editions sport regionally specific artwork. The website H.O.B.B.I.T.I.S.H has aggregated a ton of Hobbit artwork from around the world. They even have Esperanto!

Says the site's webmaster:

I want to present in these galleries, a set of worldwide illustrations published in foreign editions for J.R.R Tolkien's "The Hobbit". From 1947, when the first non-Tolkien illustrated edition was published in Sweden (to my knowledge), to the Nineties, a large number of artists tried to sketch Bilbo. Nowadays, in many countries, new editions tend to take up Tolkien's own paintings, except maybe for the russian editors, who continue to publish, each year, new illustrated editions with an uneven artistic quality for some of them.

Illustration by Chica from the 1976 French edition.

Illustration by Laima Eglïte from 1991 Latvian edition.

Illustration by Chica from the 1976 French edition.

Cover to the 1962 Portugese edition by Antonio Quadros.

Illustration by Livia Rusz from the 1962 Romanian edition.

You can see way more international Hobbit art over at H.O.B.B.I.T.I.S.H. (Hobbitish Or " Bilbo Baggins" Illustrated", The International Sketched Hobbit). Tolkien fans, get ready to burn some time.

[Via Metafilter. Top art by Laima Eglïte.]