Everybody who's been eagerly awaiting news of the live-action Space Pirate Cobra movie — prepare to be boarded! The international edition of Variety has the first promo art for Alexandre Aja's film, now called Cobra the Space Pirate.

Here's the full version — click to enlarge:


Aja, the director of Piranha 3D, The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension, bought the rights to the bestselling manga about a pirate who changes his own face and erases his own memories to hide from his enemies. But eventually his memories come back and he regains his ship Tortuga and his companion, Lady Armaroid. The manga and anime were super popular in Europe, so putting the promo art on the cover of European Variety in time for Cannes is no doubt aimed at drumming up interest — and financing — for the movie.

Mostly what we glean from this image is that the sexiness and awesome cheese factor of the manga will be maintained — and Cobra will still smoke. [ProdBuzz, thanks El Rey Loco!]