Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back for Justin Lin's Terminator 5, could the rest of the cast be far behind? According to one of the Latino Review's sources, Arnold's quarry may be in tow as well:

Or should I say "Terminator 2012" which is the title the pitch is going under right now. It involves time travel back to the present day, and - the exciting and mind-bending part of it all - is that it has the "entire original cast" attached to it, not just Arnie.

Disclaimer time: This is from a real source, I'm not bullshitting you. I don't know what "entire original cast" means, but it's safe to assume that AT LEAST means Linda Hamilton is coming back to re-establish herself as the face of Sarah Connor. At best, we somehow get Michael Biehn as some sort of old Kyle Reese..


Should this come to fruition, I hope "entire original cast" means "everyone who ever starred in every installment of the Terminator franchise." I'm talking five John Connors (including Michael Edwards), Kristanna Loken, and punk rock Bill Paxton!

[Top image via Terminator Blog]