This is Rollin' Justin, a robot built by the German Aerospace Agency to accomplish tasks that require dexterity and spatial know-how. So far his robot does two things well: catch balls and brew hot java.

Explains the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.:

In the future humanoid robots are envisioned in household applications as well as in space environments [...] The mobile robotic system Justin with its compliant controlled light weight arms and its two four finger hands is an ideal experimental platform for these research issues. The newly developed mobile platform allows the long range autonomous operation of the system. The individually movable, spring born wheels match the special requirements of "Justin's" upper body during manipulation tasks. PMD sensors and cameras allow the 3D reconstruction of the robot's environment and therefore enable Justin to perform given tasks autonomously.

Here's hoping Justin learns many more tasks (and doesn't mix up his prime directives and begin slinging piping hot bean juice).

[Via Plastic Pals]