At one point in Misconception, the "fertility thriller" by renowned fertility specialist (and Natalie Portman's dad) Avner Hershlag, someone writes a letter to the First Lady that reads:

Greetings from your embryos… for the time being, your children-to-be are safe and sound with me… In upcoming messages, I will inform you of the kind of actions you must take to bring your embryos home unharmed… Make enough stupid moves, and you can kiss motherhood good-bye.

Yes, someone has kidnapped the First Lady's embryos, and is forcing them to write letters to her. The kidnapper — spoiler alert — later winds up as a severed head frozen in liquid nitrogen, for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

But from the sound of things, that's not the craziest thing that happens in Dr. Hershlag's self-published novel. That would probably be — spoiler alert again — the storyline in which a Senator's daughter is in a coma but mysteriously becomes pregnant. And she turns out to be pregnant with her own clone, because the Senator's wife wanted to be a mother/grandmother again, as a means of saving her marriage.

The Daily Beast has a pretty amazing summary of the weirdness in Hershlag's novel, including some choice quotes of dialogue like, "Terminate or be terminated" (referring to the clone pregnancy) and "Get dressed and evaporate." If nothing else, Hershlag's book is definitely arousing a lot of curiosity in the blogosphere. [The Daily Beast via Salon]