Which supernatural teen soap deserves a spot on your DVR: MTV's Teen Wolf or ABC Family's feline Chloe King? We've gathered up a handful of new clips and ranked the two. Which series will win Best in Show?

Both MTV's Teen Wolf reboot and ABC Family's feline-centric The Nine Lives of Chloe King will be premiering this summer. With most of television's supernatural soap operas reaching their finales soon, which of these shows can fill the void in your heart?

Teen Wolf looks slick and sexy (but has no respect for it's furry forefathers — kids these days).

Meanwhile, Chloe channels the whimsical charms we know and love over at ABC Family (the home of Middleman and Kyle XY) — but which one will we watch?

Let the judging begin! Please place your pets on the block, tails up.


Teen Wolf: Can transform into a werewolf. Super strength, super speed, and fangs. When in human form, it seems that the main character, Scott McCall, has the ability to hear through a wall and isolate said sound to spy, creepily, on hot girls.


Chole: Super speed, super agility, super strength, retractable claws, always lands on her feet (no, seriously!) and has 9 Lives. Another plus, she doesn't need to mutate into a killer creature to access these abilities.

Winner: Cat Girl. She is almost immortal (but I'd need to check if shooting her with a bullet nine times will kill her, because that would be a deal breaker.)

Superpower Draw Backs:

Teen Wolf: When his "pulse is raised" (i.e., he gets horny), he turns into a werewolf and could kill everyone. He's a teenager — I'm not sure what the werewolf equivalent of a giant notebook is, but Scott's going to need to wear an electric collar in school, or everyone is doomed. Also, may eat his own poop/vomit in dog form.


Chloe: Hairballs, licking yourself inappropriately, being super full of oneself. "Spraying" when you're upset, excited, scared, or it's 5:00.

Winner: Cat Girl, who has the ability to get all hot and bothered without killing her potential mate.

Who's the villain?

Teen Wolf: The big bad in this show (besides the hero himself — oh the angst) is the girlfriend's Dad. Bum, bum, bum! Turns out Scott's lady love's family is also a part of a secret society of werewolf hunters. Please dear god let their last names be Van Helsing-stein or something ridiculous like that.

Chloe: It looks like Chloe is forced to fight some sort of secret corporate suit, who knows how to throw out a few sassy jokes, "kill her, as many times as you have to!"

Winner: Close one, but this is a supernatural soap after all. Teen Wolf wins on dramatics alone.

Will there be excellent superpowered fights?

Teen Wolf: Looks like the majority of fighting in this film is with himself, or his girlfriend's dad.

Chloe: Cat Girl Fights!

Winner: Cat Girl.

Does it respect the past mythology of Teen Wolves and Cat Women past?

Teen Wolf: NO. Scott now plays lacrosse instead of basketball. Disaster.

Chloe: We're not sure, we haven't read the Celia Thomson books this series is based on. But if we hold it to the movie versions of Catwoman, she does have a few similarities with the powers — minus the leather cat suit. Which is a bummer.

Does it look better than Smallville?

Teen Wolf: Yes

Cat Girl: Yes

Winner: Everyone.

Will there be sexy sex?

Teen Wolf: The plotline of this show seems wrapped around the main character's libido, and you saw the above clips. All signs point to yes — besides, according to most teen entertainment, werewolves hardly do anything else other than stand in the woods shirtless sniffing for ladies.


Chloe: This show looks fairly wholesome. So low on the supernatural soapyness but possibly for the better.

Winner: Teen Wolf — if shirtless werewolves are wrong then I don't want to be right.

Chances of Jersey Shore cameos?

Teen Wolf: Very high.

Chloe: Low

Winner: Chloe

Will Anyone Watch It?

Teen Wolf: Once MTV starts marketing this thing at full swing, there's no doubt that the kids will tune in. At least for the pilot. Plus it has the name recognition for the older generations — not that they will watch it after they find out that basketball-playing werewolves are off the table.


Chloe: I know I will, but this could be a hard sell to the rest of the world. Hopefully it can piggy back off of some of the Pretty Little Liars love over at ABC Family.

Winner: Teen Wolf.

OVERALL WINNER: The Nine Lives of Chloe King It's original, cute and seems like a lot of light hearted fun. Hopefully the series has nine lives because with the shirtless competition over at MTV, it's going to need it.

Oh and if you're wondering why the cat is the girl and the dog is the boy, that's because cats are girls and dogs are boys. Duh.


Teen Wolf trailers and clips from MTV. And remember folks, spay and neuter your pets.