Remember Linda Ferrari's photographs of Bulgarian Socialist memorials? Jan Kempenaer has shot similar monuments in former Yugoslavia. Many of these Socialist sculptures have been weathered by the elements, making them look like the remnants of some strange extraterrestrial civilization.

Here's a description of Kempenaers' Spomenik project. The ideological component of these monuments has become just as neglected as their physical make-up (via the Flemish Institute for Visual, Audiovisual, and Media Art):

Commemorating the common traumatic experiences during the Second World War and the partisan battles, these monuments were intended to provide the people of Yugoslavia with a common history and identity that would be productive in its future evolution. However, in the late twentieth century, these landscapes were torn by nationalist and ethnic violence and their monuments are now neglected. The idea of progress has been buried under the weight of history and the monuments, which were once machines of sightseeing and (photographic) image production, have become obsolete and invisible. Notwithstanding their futurist designs and their space age associations, these monuments have become modernist variations of the Romantic ruin - another preeminent icon of the picturesque.

[Jan Kempenaers via CrackTwo. Hat tip to Emily!]