With SETI shut down, is the search for extraterrestrial life over?

This week, the SETI Institute announced that it would have to shut down its large radio telescope facility, called the Allen Telescope Array, near the California mountain town Hat Creek. For over a decade, SETI has used the 42 radio dishes in its array to scan the skies for possible communications from extraterrestrial intelligence. More »

To find intelligent life, look for asteroid belt mining operations

The search for alien intelligence has mostly centered on waiting to hear any interstellar radio signals, but we might now have a way to see aliens as well. We just need to look for mega-engineering projects on alien asteroid belts. More »

Once we find extraterrestrial intelligence, how long will it take us to communicate with it?

Once we find extraterrestrial intelligence, how long will it take us to communicate with it?It seems too cruel to believe we're the only technologically advanced species in the cosmos. We couldn't possibly be the only ones, with so many stars and so many habitable planets out there. More »

How will the government react when we detect alien signals from space?

Some astronomers think detecting an extraterrestrial radio signal is a matter of when, not if. What goes on in the immediate aftermath of such a discovery? Here's what happened the last few times we thought we'd heard from E.T. More »

A vibrator that could help you find alien life

When SETI trains their radio telescopes on the sky, it's a way of seeking out strange new life. It's also kind of hot. That's why Babeland has created this special "SETI blue" vibrator that looks like a mini radio telescope. More »

Have we already received an alien signal from Earthlike planet Zarmina?

That's what one scientist is claiming, saying he detected a suspicious light pulse in the vicinity of Gliese 581g two years ago. But the rest of the astronomy community is blasting his claims, accusing him of making a mistake...or worse. More »

Are we searching for the wrong kinds of signals from aliens?

Science fiction author Gregory Benford and his twin brother, the physicist James Benford, say that scientists are tackling the search for intelligent life as if aliens had 1960s-era technology. Here are their suggestions for updating the search for ET. More »

If Aliens Have Built Dyson Spheres Or Ringworlds Nearby, How Would We Detect Them?

The old approach to finding alien life, looking for radio signals, may be played out. New approaches are getting a lot more public attention, judging from a new Economist article and Paul Davies' new book, The Eerie Silence. More »

Mathematician Uses SETI Formula To Determine He Has A 0.00034% Chance Of Getting Laid

An economics graduate student in the UK has used the well-known Drake Equation - used to figure out how many advanced civilizations might reside in our galaxy - to determine why he hasn't had a girlfriend in three years. More »

‘Galactic Internet' Could Broadcast Alien Signals

If we received a message from an extraterrestrial civilization, would we necessarily realize it? SETI has long scanned the skies for evidence of alien transmissions, while others have proposed a hunt for physical artifacts sent by our distant neighbors. But neutrino physicists at the University of Hawaii have proposed yet another possibility: that humans have already received an extraterrestrial communication, and that we might find the message in our existing observations of the stars. More »

Is ET avoiding us out of a fear of human galactic conquest?

Has ET evolved to be discreet? An evolutionary tendency for inconspicuous aliens would solve a nagging paradox – and also suggest that we Earthlings should think twice before advertising our own existence. More »

How dark matter could help foster life on alien worlds

Dark matter might not just making the universe more massive than it should be, it might also be making the universe more populous than it should be. Find out how. More »

This time the aliens are going to help us for sure

Why do we always think the worst of aliens when they arrive planetside and start talking about peace? There are plenty of alien groups who exist only to make the world a better place. No, really! More »

How to Create a Scientifically Plausible Alien Life Form

With a possible two billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone, the chances of extraterrestrial life are looking better and better. What will these creatures, shaped by another world, look like? It's up to science fiction creators to imagine them. More »

So you want to send a message into space? Here's how.

Do people regularly interrupt you in conversation? Does your online chatter require too many smileys? Is your pen pal letting you down? Maybe you want to try someone off-planet. Here's how to make the attempt. More »