What do you do when you've already helped invent terrifying monsters for Syfy's original movies? What do you do next, with that kind of creativity? If you're Brian D. Smith, writer of Alien Express and Flu Bird Horror, you go into the ice cream business. With science.

There's a great interview with Smith over at NY Daily News, in which he explains how he went from writing science fiction scripts for the internet and TV movies to creating ice cream from scratch. Smith utters the immortal phrase, "Thinking up creatures that devour people is a lot like thinking up new flavors of ice cream." The flavors at his new ice cream shop, Ample Hills Creamery, include "maple syrup with bacon, beer with chocolate-covered pretzels and breakfast cereal, made from cereal-soaked milk and Fruit Loops."


And Smith is using a unique process to make his ice cream from scratch. As the Daily News explains:

His recipe starts with cream, milk, egg yolks and sugar, heated to 170 degrees and slowly mixed together in a steel tank. Then he cools the ice cream "base" and leaves it to settle overnight before adding ingredients to create different flavors. The process requires a special license from the Department of Agriculture because once Smith mixes raw eggs and sugar with milk he has to pasteurize it to kill any bacteria.

Now you just have to decide if you want to trust home-made ice cream from the guy who came up with Flu Bird Horror. (He was also a producer and actor on the direct-to-DVD Cheerleader Autopsy.)

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