Who needs a companion cube, when you can cuddle up to this turret plushie, that will exclaim "there you are" with each nuzzle? Watch this amazing creation interact with its owners! It's not a lie!

This amazing creation comes from Jonathan M. Guberman and Leigh Nunan. As explained on Guberman's website Up, Not North:

When I finally got around to playing Portal, I was a bit surprised at how much the Internet loved the companion cube. Sure, the cube is pretty great, but in my mind it pales in comparison to the turrets, the real scene-stealers of the game. In fact, they inspired a Veruca Salt-esque covetousness in me.

I wanted one.


And, of course, it just wouldn't be the same if it didn't talk…

With the excitement of Portal 2 coming out, and in collaboration with Leigh Nunan, I finally was able to get my turret. Or, rather, to make it.

Toy manufacturers, make this a reality!

Via Jed (@elysdir).