Twilight is both a guilty pleasure and an easy target (which is one of things we love about it). But more Twilight books? Please, Stephenie Meyer — enough is enough!

USA Today put Twilight scribe Meyer in a room with a handful of her fans and they managed to squeeze out some alarming facts. When asked if she'd ever write about the fine folks of Forks again she said no. But specifically, she won't write any more about Edward and Bella, because that story has been told.

Still, Meyer did express a desire to revisit a few Twilight characters. When the fans asked about the relationship between Renesmee (the spawn of Edward and Bella) and Jacob, Meyer's answered like so:

One question she won't answer: whether the werewolf/shape shifter Jacob and Renesmee, the human/vampire hybrid child of Edward and Bella, could ever have children. (Jacob is a teenager, but baby Renesmee is aging at an accelerated rate.) "That is a question I'm reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I'll go back to their story."

I think we all saw this day coming. So, yeah it looks like we're probably getting more Twilight books. Sure it's not 100% confirmed, but it's not like Meyer is going to stop printing money writing about sex starved supernaturals. But maybe this is a good thing? I'd still like some explanation from Jacob about how he was immediately attracted to and thus "imprinted" on an infant. Because blach.


In other Meyer news, the mermaid book is still on, and she expects the tome to be almost 1,000 pages long. Needless to say, we're much more excited about the new mermaid trend.