Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who

Doctor Who comes back tomorrow evening, on BBC and BBC America, and there's never been a better time to try it out. But what's Doctor Who really about? How can you appreciate it? More »

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Come Along, Pond: The Greatest Fan Art and Cosplay featuring Doctor Who's Amy Pond!

Tomorrow night sees the return of one of the universe's most fearless and stylish time travelers. We're speaking, of course, of Amelia "Amy" Pond, the Doctor Who character who's redefined style in the face of time paradoxes and monsters. More »

R.I.P. Elisabeth Sladen, Doctor Who's Apprentice

Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and two spin-off shows, has died, according to BBC News. Her death is a huge loss to Doctor Who fans, and to fans of strong female adventure heroes everywhere. More »

Neil Gaiman explains why his Doctor Who episode is a "game-changer"

Doctor Who season six starts this week, and there are so many reasons to be excited, including Mark Sheppard and more River Song. But there's also the fact that award-winning fantasy author Neil Gaiman has written one episode. More »

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Doctor Who

You think you know Doctor Who? Just like his sprawling time machine, the Doctor's mythology and mystery are too expansive and weird to be contained in a finite space. Here are 10 things you might not know about Doctor Who. More »

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The Coolest Doctor Who T-Shirts in the Space-Time Continuum

Doctor Who never goes out of style - or if the time-traveling TV show ever did, it would just jump forward a few years until the fashion came around again. More »

Doctor Who reveals the real problem with Amy Pond's short skirts

Doctor Who's Comic Relief special episodes, called "Space" and "Time," have popped up online, and the Doctor's facing his gnarliest dilemma yet. It's another "bottle" episode set inside the TARDIS, which you may need to hit the bottle after watching. More »

Original audition video proves Doctor Who's 1996 comeback could have been way worse

The 1996 Doctor Who TV movie was not the series' finest hour, by any stretch of the imagination. But it could have been way worse - just watch these brief snippets from the original audition tapes, back when the show was following a way cheesier storyline. Prepare to be overwhelmed with schlockiness. More »

The 45 Coolest Moments In Doctor Who's History

Doctor Who, the classic British time-travel adventure, marked its 45th anniversary yesterday. It's amazing when you realize that, if you count 1996, the Doctor has been on television for 31 out of those 45 years. In all that time, he's vanquished monsters and megalomaniacs, but he's also shattered our preconceptions over and over again. Here's our guide to the 45 Who moments we'll always remember. More »

How To Discover Classic Doctor Who In 3 Easy Steps

Before Doctor Who was a new-millennium phenomenon, it ruled the British airwaves for a quarter of the last century. And some of your grand-dad's Doctor Who episodes are actually still worth checking out. Here's our complete handy guide to old-school Doctor Who for new-Who fans. With some spoilers. More »

What if Doctor Who were a Disney movie?

Can you imagine Britain's quirky time-travel show made into a Walt Disney movie? Commenter Cristoval did, and the result was this "purposefully terrible" poster. Check out a better look at his his Disneyfied Daleks, below. More »

Doctor Who: Revolutionary Or Tool Of The Man?

Most of the time, the Doctor only tries to preserve the status quo. But occasionally he visits a dystopia where he launches a revolution and smashes the system. Click through for our chart showing the Doctor's waxing and waning revolutionary tendencies over time. More »

Greatest Doctor Who cliffhangers of all time!

Steven Moffat has promised the first half of Doctor Who season six will end on a cliffhanger that will keep you on the edge of your seat all summer. But how will it stack up to these other spine-tingling cliffhangers? More »

Ranking The Regenerations Of Doctor Who

There are really two ways in which to evaluate a Doctor's final story. First, you can consider the quality of the story itself, particularly in how well it sums up that particular Doctor's run on the program. Second, you can take a look at the regeneration itself, both in terms of the final scene itself and how the rest of the story builds toward it. More »

The Doctor Who Monster That Looked A Little Too Phallic

Sometimes the extras on the Doctor Who classic series DVDs are side-splitting as well as fascinating, like Terrance Dicks explaining that the alien Alpha Centauri looked like a big penis. Three old-school Doctor Who stories just came out on DVD. More »