Is Darth Vader a skilled uni-questrian? How does his riding style compare to that of Boba Fett? Artist Mike Joos explores the mythical beasts, and weird bicycles, that our favorite superheroes (and villains) love to ride.

Salon asked the artist Joos a battery of vitally important questions, like: How do Superman and Spider-Man's bikes even work? And what is Vader's unicorn riding style? We're happy to find out that he had compelling answers (fueled by logic) for each question.

Several times you have characters using their heat vision/web slingers to create the bikes that they are riding. Wouldn't that be a safety hazard if they had to constantly pay attention to the form of the bicycle?

Spider-Man's web bike wouldn't work because the stickiness of the web would cement the bike to the ground. Superman's heat vision bike would burn right through the earth if he tried to ride it.

There is no practical use to either type of bike. These are just novelty tricks Spider-Man and Superman do at parties to pick up women.

How do you think Boba Fett and Darth Vader would handle their unicorns differently?

I don't think either Darth Vader or Boba Fett have experience riding unicorns from what I've seen in "Star Wars" episodes. Boba Fett would get bucked off, give up, and resort to using his jet pack as a mode of transportation. At some point he would try to cryogenically freeze the unicorn and sell it to the highest bidder. I think Darth Vader would fare much better even with zero experience because he can always use the force to manipulate the unicorn's mind. The only issue I see with Darth Vader riding a unicorn is his body is like 82 percent metal, a unicorn may find it difficult to get around with that much weight on its back.

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