Speculative fiction ignites a spark of the imagination and blazes a trail of exploration throughout the cosmos. So it's only natural for us to pay tribute to the greatest science fiction and fantasy-themed bongs.

Seriously, it's amazing what people can turn into a bong or a pipe. There are R2D2 bongs, Zoidberg bongs, Starcraft bongs, Steampunk bongs and lightsaber bongs. Check out our favorites for 4/20.

Sadly, we have yet to see a tricorder bong, a TARDIS bong, a phaser bong or a sonic screwdriver pipe. Where are you, Star Trek/Doctor Who nerds?

Top image: Thor bong, via Hoveringdog on Flickr.

Darth Vader bong, via GrassCity.

Yoda Bong, via Hail Mary Jane

Another look at the Darth Vader bong, via GrassCity.

Purple Lightsaber pipe, via Rollies.com

R2D2 ceramic bong, via 777Bongs

Alien Bong, via The Rumph

Bong with pictures of the Millennium Falcon crew, via Glass Pipes

Dr. Zoidberg Bong, via What A Bong

Pokebong, via What A Bong

Superman Bong, via Tumblr

Spider-Man bong

Boba Fett helmet bong, via Goddess Sophia Walker

Spider-Man hookah

Zerg Bong

High Templar Bong

Tesla Bong

Batman "Pow" pipe, via ZingiberGlassWorks on Etsy.

Unicorn Bong, via The Rumph

Dragon Bong, via Vision of Hemp

Dragon pipe, via Hemp Cat Glass

Pegasus Bong, via The Rumph

"Head of Cthulhlu" pipe via Sword and Sanity

U.S.S. Enterprise Bong, more at this post.

Jabba's Bong

Official Gandalf pipe, via LOTR Fan Shop

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar Bong, via Don't think twice, it's all right.

Elite Steampunk Pipe via BamaPolyBiGuy on Livejournal

Steampunk Bong via BamaPolyBiGuy on LIvejournal, more at the link.

Steampunk Pneumatic Bong, via BamaPolyBiGuy on LIvejournal, more at the link.

Steampunk Dunny via BamaPolyBiGuy on LIvejournal, more at the link.

Double-headed Dragon bong, via BongsOnline

Green Alien Bong, via OzBongs