Today's the day when Skynet achieves sentience, according to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The nuclear armageddon happens in a couple days. To greet our new robot overlords, here's some of our favorite Terminator and killer-robot-themed stories.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day concept art via Terminator Files.

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7 bizarre robots in the Pentagon's defense budget

One part of the Department of Defense is hard at work researching technology that is alternately amazing, bizarre, and downright scary. More »

Drone weapons systems risk leading us to "a Terminator-like reality," warns a British government study

The U.S. government isn't the only one using more robotic weapons in places like Iraq and Afghanistan - the British government is doing it too. But a new study from Britain's Ministry of Defence warns we could be creating Skynet. More »

Sex Robots Who Kill: Is Anything Deadlier?

As soon as we have convincing(ish) androids and gynoids, we'll create pleasure-droids. And soon after that, those sex-machines will use their super-powerful thigh muscles to try and kill us. Here are 15 examples of the sexy robot death that awaits you in the future. More »

10 Different Timelines From The Terminator Universe

Are you confused by all the alternate timelines in the Terminator franchise? So are we. That's why we created a list of every timeline, and ran it past Sarah Connor Chronicles producer Josh Friedman. Spoilers... More »

Josh Friedman Talks The Philosophy Of Sarah Connor

After last Friday's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles vibrated our brains to pieces, we were bursting with questions for creator Josh Friedman about the show's philosophy and creative process. Luckily, he answered them. More »

You Want To Reboot Terminator? Here's How!

Now that hedge-fund Pacificor has spent $29.5 million for the Terminator movie rights, a new chapter in the war against Skynet seems assured. We're betting it'll be a reboot - and here's how it could be a decent movie. More »

The Epic Movie-Making Adventures Of James Cameron

James Cameron's rise, from driving trucks to directing some of Hollywood's biggest epics, parallels the epic journeys of his characters, from Sarah Connor to Jake Sully. And you won't believe how crazy the stories in his biography, The Futurist, are. More »

Lady Terminator: Still Better Than Terminator Salvation

Lady Terminator: She's the reincarnation of an ancient killer, thanks to a revolting incident involving a snake, a bikini-clad anthropologist, and a rose-petal-strewn "When Doves Cry" bed. She climbs naked out of the sea and kills men... with sex. More »

Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 3 Would Have Featured A Surprising Comeback

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles producer (and io9 guest-blogger) Josh Friedman has been tight-lipped about what would have happened in the show's third season. But star Thomas Dekker has spilled some info, and it sounds pretty amazing. Hypothetical spoilers below... More »

Thirteen Books That Will Change The Way You Look At Robots

What will robots really be like when they finally achieve a human level of intelligence and autonomy? No one knows for sure, but we've put together a list of books that will challenge and disturb your preconceptions about what robots might become. More »

The Scariest Killer Robots Look Like Dead People

We're scared of robots that look almost, but not quite, human... because they remind us of walking corpses. And the deadliest killer robots are often the ones which exploit this zombie fear, before slaughtering us. More »

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Terminator 2 Storyboards Show The Destruction Of Skynet

Terminator 2 storyboards include some sequences that were too expensive to film - like an extended future war sequence, where we see Skynet's destruction from the point of view of a wounded soldier. Gallery below. More »

io9's Hivemind Reviews The Terminator 4 Novelization

Terminator Salvation felt more like a weak music video than a movie, with a story that was hard to piece together. So it's a good thing the novelization is written by super-prolific author Alan Dean Foster, right? Spoilers ahead... More »

Pentagon Closer To Creating Liquid Metal Terminators

Progress continues on a Pentagon-backed fringe science project to develop matter that can assemble itself into 3D forms (such as weapons) and flow like mercury through barriers. We all know where this leads, don't we? More »

Is Terminator 4 Really Better Than Terminator 3? A Road Test Comparison

he one piece of praise I've heard from countless Terminator Salvation audience members is, "At least it wasn't as bad as Terminator 3." But was McG's film really better? To find out, we're breaking it down and comparing the two "worst" Terminators to see who wins the crown of crap. More »

Where Do Robots Come From?

The first robots were born on January 25, 1921, the day Karl Capek's play R.U.R. premiered in Prague, more than 80 years before Skynet achieved sentience and declared, "I think, therefore you're all toast." More »