Tomorrow night sees the return of one of the universe's most fearless and stylish time travelers. We're speaking, of course, of Amelia "Amy" Pond, the Doctor Who character who's redefined style in the face of time paradoxes and monsters.

Time may be rewritten, but the style of Amy Pond is indelible. To celebrate her return, we've collected some of our favorite Amy Pond art and cosplay.

Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta.

Top image: Amy Pond - kissogram by Harreka at Deviant Art

DC10_0778 by Stephen Lesnik at Flickr

Amy Pond by Dean at Springfield Punx

Amy Pond: horniest by far by jar-of-jam at Deviant Art

Amy Pond- What was forgotten? by moonflower-lights at Deviant Art

The Gingers love the Daleks by Moonflower Lights at DeviantArt.

Amy Pond burlesque at Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art Show, via (More pics at the link.)

Amy Pond (by way of Alphonse Mucha) by Bill Mudron at Flickr

Amy Pond by purgatory boy at Deviant Art

Amy Pond - Always the Running by Helena Tears at Deviant Art

Amy Pond - Take Me to Space FL by Helena Tears at Deviant Art

Amy Pond pin-up by Sideways8Studios at DeviantArt

Amy Pond by cozyfire at Deviant Art

Amy Pond by Aces-Butterfly at Deviant Art

A is for Amy by snappop at Deviant Art

Cubee - Amy Pond 'Ver3' by CyberDrone at Deviant Art

Amy Pond by arelia-dawn at Deviant Art

DC Doctor Who Preview-14 by LJinto at Flickr

Little Amelia Pond by Kastia at Deviant Art

Amy Pond by Elisa Brydum at Flickr

Dr Who Poster 2 by ameba2k at Deviant Art

Third Rail Thrills by Thom Chiaramonte at Third Rail Design Lab