With Marvel's announcement that the Black Panther will become the American Panther, complete with a red, white, and blue uniform, a crew of cartoonists decided to see how other super characters might look with a similarly patriotic makeover.

These illustrations come from The Temple of Cartoon Mojo, a group of Savannah College of Art and Design sequential art faculty and students. So which character will the comic companies squeeze into a star-spangled outfit next?

My Favorite Color is America [The Temple of Cartoon Mojo via Metafilter]

Top Image: Jackie Lewis' American Skull, colored by Falynn Koch

Falynn Koch's American Lantern

Rachel Ordway's American Canary

Erin Gladstone's Emma Frost: The American Queen

Robin Holstein's American Goblin

Professor Chris Schweizer's American Bolt

Nicolas Palmer's American Manta

Brian Prince's American Hornet