HBO's fantasy epic Game of Thrones starts this weekend, and we're seeing dragons everywhere. Dragons perched over cities! Dragons on electric guitars! People and their pets dressed as dragons! Dragons are the universal signifier of awesomeness.

To celebrate the unfathomable coolness and raging fury of dragons, we've collected dozens of hardcore pieces of dragon art and dragon cosplay. Behold our awesome dragon hoard!

Top image: Fire Dragon by Vlad Studio on Deviant Art.

Earthsea Papercraft by Tehanu

By El Grimlock at Deviant Art

By Dan Bong

Screencap from Battle of Giants

By Jarling at Deviant Art

Mechanical Dragon by Brian Healy at Philcon, 2001

By Vampire Princess 007 at Deviant Art

By Anne Stokes at Deviant Art

Costume by Erlinda G. at Coolest Homemade Costume

Costume by Nils N. at Coolest Homemade Costume

We're not sure who made this wonderful dog costume, but it has made its way all over the internet thanks to its immense awesomeness.

By Patrick Glynn

Airbrush Tattoo by Lone Wolf DK at Deviant Art

By Kozmaty at at Deviant Art

Airbrushed Guitar by Laura Cooper

By Frank Hong at Deviant Art

Airbrushed Van by Exquisite Airbrushing

Dragon Skull by Anne Stokes at Deviant Art

By Christopher6 at Deviant Art

Dragons Lair by Anne Stokes at Deviant Art

By Jarling at Deviant Art

We have no idea who (or where, or when) these amazing dragons come from — but they were too good to pass up! (Look at those heels!)

Fire dragon by Ugly Flowers at Deviant Art

Hand Puppet by Red Wyvern Studios at Etsy (no longer available)

Horse in Dragon Costume from Unicorner Farm

Ice Dragon by Toasted Rabbits at Fanpop

Ice Dragon by The Gryph at Deviant Art

Mommy Dragon by Amisgaudi at Deviant Art

Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmet from

2007 NYC Halloween Parade photo by Peanutian at Flickr

Realistic Charizard by Okami Amaterasu at Fanpop

Ren Faire Costume photo by Stray Light Revelation at Deviant Art

Origami "Ryujin 3.5" by Satoshi Kamiya

By S McNonnahs at Deviant Art

By Tony DiTerlizzi

Steampunk Dragon by Patrick Glynn

Monster Racer Costume, Tokyo Game Show 2008, photo by

Toothless cosplay by Freaky Orange at Deviant Art

Toothless cosplay by Monoyasha at Deviant Art

Trinidad Carnival Costume photo by Trace Butler

Water Dragon by Anne Stokes

Winter Dragon By Patrick Glynn

Hand Puppets by Wyeten Puppetry at The Norwich Dragon Festival