Yes, that most certainly is a giant gorilla attacking a helicopter. And there's so much more glorious ape-on-human carnage for you to ogle, in our breakdown of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer.

The trailer opens with a look (into what we assume) is the animal testing lair. This place looks ominous and creepy. It's already setting the mood for the horrors that await our primate pals.

Chimps are wheeled in metal boxes with their fingers poking out of the air holes. Are they saying "Help us!" or "You're next, Franco!"

The big metal monkey boxes are loaded into the testing lab, much like the raptor loading scene from Jurassic Park. SHOOT HER, SHOOOOOT HER.

Cue James Franco playing Will Rodman, the scientist behind all of this madness. He's giving a presentation with brain scans, talking about a new drug that they're calling "the cure." The cure for what? Alzheimer's Disease. And if you look at the brains behind him carefully, you can see that he's presenting what may be a brain that has Alzheimer's, a "normal" brain and a "post" brain scan. It looks like brain activity is bumping on the "post" scan (if the red means good).

After dropping this "cure" bomb, the room full of suits gasp. Are they jazzed about the cure? Heck no. Everyone knows movie suits and giant corporations only care about one thing: money. And we bet there's a lot of money to be made with a cure to Alzheimer's. And on the flip side of that speculation we're just going to assume that Franco is driven by something far more "noble," like a parent or friend suffering from the disease, as all frazzled but brilliant movie scientists seem to be.

The name of the corporation: Gen-Sys. No word on a viral corporate website yet. But these guys might be pissed.

Switch to the testing phase. Is this your first look at Caesar, the ape that started the primate revolution? We're not sure. He seems pretty clever, but his face is a lot darker than a few other stills we've seen.

But what we do know is that this ape is smart. Give an ape a cookie... and he'll demand one more! Unfortunately for this creature, his cookie cravings spur Fraco's decision to test the drug on the poor creature.

This one.

Now it's time to prep the Ape for the experiment. We cut to a giant white machine. But what's that to the right? Is that a pile of dead Apes? This trial and error process proves to be pretty harsh on the animals.

And Franco's lady friend Caroline (Freida Pinto) does not approve.

But you can't stop progress. We're then treated to a montage of close ups on this mysterious secret serum, probably "the cure" that was mentioned earlier. And yes, this will come back later in the trailer.

Close up on Franco's office. He's desperately trying to get his disapproving girlfriend on board.

She's not buying it. And possibly moving out, check out the open moving boxes. (Or maybe Franco's been kicked out.) Hard to say what's really going on here.

The experiment is launched and all the scientist eagerly await the results. The giant white machine makes a powered down noise.

Success! Or at least that's what Franco is saying in the trailer...but there's just one teeny tiny problem.

"The drug has radically boosted brain function." Cue Caesar crafting tools for his escape with his new super smart brain. Anyone else getting a STRONG The Secret of NIMH vibe here?


Moving on. Clearly the drugs worked because what we're treated to next is a full scale ape-oclypse! Gorillas bust out of their cages and storm the building in which they were housed. So what do they want?

Tom Felton!


And to stare at you while you sleep. This image is disturbing as all hell. Good job.

Remember the secret serum? It's back. Somehow this Ape, which we can only assume is Caesar, gets his hands on a (fancy spray can?) of the chemical. No good can come of this.

Another shot of Caesar, possibly planning the end of humanity.

The trailer states that there's a fatality. The scientist are freaking out. Franco seeks advice from the wise old Brian Cox who tells him, "They're not people." In other words: Kill them, kill them all. He doesn't say that, but we're assuming that's what's next.

The apes grow in numbers and take to the trees.

Ripping apart the branches and leaves as they swing through the suburbs. It's terrifying.

A lone Gen-Sys scientist wonder where all the people went.

He doesn't have to wonder for long. APES! Everywhere! Side question: Where are the human bodies? We wonder if they will show human casualties in the film.

The Gorillas take the Golden Gate Bridge.

Humanity FINALLY retaliates. On horseback, which is a nice nod to the Planet of the Apes man hunt intro. It also looks like they're holding big sticks (but we're sure they've got guns because, come on, you're going to take a stick to fight a gorilla? You bring a shotgun to that showdown). But we'd squeal quite loudly if there was just one ape-in-a-net-moment. You Damn Dirty Humans!

We don't see much of the big battle on the bridge, but we do get this money shot of a gorilla trying to take down a helicopter. Which is both awesome and ridiculous. Fingers crossed this inspires some priceless t-shirts. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, you can have our money now.