What seemed like a classic Stargate "monster of the week" episode turned out to be a lot more. What happens when a warrior suddenly discovers a fear of mortality? And what's a space deer? Find out in this week's SGU.

The above clip is pretty amazing, since this episode of SGU was seemingly about understanding alien monsters. Park makes a pretty good point about eating the alien space deer — how do they know that these creatures aren't intelligent species? Hell how do they know that eating them won't kill them all instantly?

Right after that, the crew is attacked by an even bigger alien space monster. TJ and some guy are then dragged off to the monster's "lair" (they call it that a lot) to be eaten (so they think). Eventually TJ and the soldier are rescued by Greer, who isn't ripped apart by the space monster because the alien can "recognize intelligence." The two have a stand-off, and Greer and the space monster reach some sort of "I'll kill you first" understanding.


The humans scurry away, and the monsters stop attacking the crew. So does everyone learn their lesson? Do we now learn to respect alien life forms as possible intelligent species? Nope. Instead the Destiny has a space-deer BBQ.

Here's a shot of the carcass, which may (or may not) be pleading with them telepathically, while they're munching away on its alien hide. WHO'S THE REAL MONSTER NOW, HUH? Ah well.

But the action, the monster cam, or even the awesome CG creatures, wasn't what we took away from this episode. This episode was all about three things: getting Rush back into his role as Destiny's puppet-master, reminding the audience that Young is still a character with human emotions, and destroying our favorite character, Volker.

Rush Pulls The Strings

Eli is still pretty pissed at Rush for his actions last week, which forced Eli to sentence his computer program girlfriend Destiny computer world quarantine. And rightly so. In attempt to get some of his very limited power back, Eli defies Rush's wishes and starts poking around in the stasis pods that they just found right now, this episode. Sure. We've been begging SGU to explore the ship more, so that's good. But now it feels a little too late in the series. This could have been a lot of fun in the first season (and helped introduce Brody a lot earlier). But we digress.


Eli's got a motive for disregarding Rush's wishes. Rush has been nothing but a horrible burden for him, and now, when he finally has a chance for some sort of virtual happiness, Rush has ruined that too.

Sadly, the whole thing backfires as Eli freezes Brody in the stasis pod (Or does he? Some of the commenters seem to think Rush had a hand in the initial freezing as well, fair enough. Personally I think they froze themselves and Rush just let them sweat it out). Which was 100% hilarious, especially when Eli blames the whole thing on Brody, "He was just in there pushing buttons!" We're assuming that Rush knew exactly what was happening and this whole thing was just his way of elaborately demonstrating that the long-haired Scot knows best. Especially after that smile he sneaks when his back is turned to Brody and Eli.

But that's not all Rush manipulates. Volker gets hit with some tough love masked as innocent banter from Rush. Our main man Volker was looking to take a lover with Park. Somehow Rush saw this coming and cruelly pushed him away from his intended, stuffing Volker in the friend zone. Sure Rush was right all along but was was the purpose of this attack. Was he trying to protect or encourage Volker? We're not sure, but we do know that our hearts shattered into a thousand pieces when Volker came a calling with some sort of space flowers and his nifty vest outfit and Park was all cozied up to Greer. We love Greer, but Volker's all wit!

Three's A Crowd
TJ and Ruggedly Handsome Lucian almost, almost get to sneak a kiss until Young interrupts. Remember Young? It seems like ages since we've had a good Young episode, and now he's the third side of a love triangle. Ah well, we'll take what we can get.

Greer Gets His Groove Back, Maybe
In the end, the main character to this episode was all Greer. Seems like the kidney transplant may have wounded our favorite soldier. Greer reveals that during his fever dreams caused by an infection, he thinks he may have died. And now he knows what the other side is, and he doesn't want to go back. This near-death experience put the fear of mortality in our wild warrior, and now he just can't seem to pull the trigger. Which is funny because that reaction only leads to more death for a bunch of faceless members of the crew. Alas, that's a fairly realistic view of how certain post traumatic disorders manifest themselves sometimes. Still, we think Greer may have reached peace while starring down the space monster. Or at least we hope so, because his brand of crazy is the kind we like.