Marlowe the Monster is an unusual comic, using sculpture and photography as cartooning, and capturing small, often sad moments in the life of a six-eyed, asexually-reproducing monster with a crummy dating history.

Photo comics can be tricky to pull off. Ironically, using real, moving, breathing humans can result in images less dynamic than pen on paper. But Shing Yin Khor avoids those pitfalls by treating Marlowe as three dimensional cartooning. She makes each monster statue. She builds the sets. She lights her scenes. The results are scenes that are dynamic – despite being quite understated – and utterly charming.


Marlowe is told through a series of single moments in Marlowe's life – bad dates, strange dreams, adventures in babysitting his sister's innumerable brood. Khor makes Marlowe a likeable monster, full of human foibles (and he's a bad dancer). But she remembers to play with his monstrous nature – especially in a bout of accidental asexual reproduction.

Thanks to Meredith for finding Marlowe the Monster at Wondercon!

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