Last night's second-to-last Being Human treated us to yet another fantastic vintage vampire hairstyle and some quality hauntings. Is it wrong that we're only attracted to Bishop when he's very, very bad?

What a night! I think it's safe to say that Mark Pellegrino should be getting all the screen time he wants, because even when he's doing very little, he makes such an impact on the audience (but more on that later).


In an interesting carry-over Sally is still in a grotesquely weakened form due to her murderous ex-boyfriend Danny's failed attempt at an exorcism. But better than her makeup (which looked great) were her monster roommates' reactions to her transformation and eerie floatings about the apartment. Sally beams over to Danny's house and attempts to murder him with his "pretentious" old school razor (thank god someone said it). After popping her veins and wiggling her cloudy eyes around Sally eventually transforms back to her normal self. She credits this change to her spiritual lashings out at Danny. Thus leading to an even stronger urge to kill the bastards. Honestly, let's do it. The Danny storyline is getting tired, so it was exciting to see it finally put to bed in this episode. And it ended well. Aidan got to throw Danny about the apartment and Sally spared her murderer's life in return for his testimony. Good. Theend. Goodbye Danny.

Meanwhile Aidan has major vampire anxiety over betraying his maker Bishop. And rightly so as he sends a tiny vampire nurse assassin to stake Aidan. But instead of dealing with Aidan's fear and depression over the loss of Rebecca, we're introduced to yet another girl. Because what is the point of having a vampire on TV if we're not witnessing some sort of supernatural sexy dance of seduction? Remember the tattoo on his chest, well this week we find out who Celine really is! Turns out she's a human, gorgeous (both old and young), and dying (which will most likely not be an important plot point later).


Then it's time for more fantastic flashbacks in the hair diaries of vampires. To the person that made it a point to give Aidan ridiculous (yet kind of awesome) old timey hairstyles in both this sideburns mop top and the doo-wop greaser style from a few weeks back, THANK YOU. There is nothing better than a vampire wig.

But I digress. You find out that the tables have turned and now it's Aidan who's trying to court a young human girl. Naturally Bishop will have none of that, but instead of letting him mess it up himself (which you know he was going to do) Bishop kidnaps his lady and, and... we'll I'm not sure. But this is how she wakes up and it's immensely creepy. And also kind of hot. I'm sorry, I'll talk to someone about it, OK? Anyways, Bishop tries to terrify the little dear, but she shockingly stands up to him. So he tells Aidan's 15th true love to leave the sideburned vampire forever or he'll kill her family. She begs to be changed, begs for her family's safety and Bishop creepily declines her request looking at her pathetic lost figure and saying, "I like this, this is good." Yipes. Great stuff.

So now we know why Adian isn't with Celine from his chest. And all in all, it's a little sad, because older Aidan and older Celine have fantastic chemistry. Thankfully from the preview you can tell this is not the last we will see of her.

Moving on, so what's up with the werewolf? Well last week Nora announced that she was pregnant. She's still pregnant. The two are acting like they've been in love for 1,000 years. I'm horribly disappointed with this whole plot point. It's too early, we have zero emotional ties to Nora and Josh is being wasted on this particular storyline. Hopefully things will change at the next full moon, cause we didn't really want to watch a show about three supernaturals and a baby (not that we wouldn't be open to that show later on).

All three characters come together to save Sally from trapping her ex-boyfriend in the fire with her, and that's not even the big finale. With all this werebaby, ex-boyfriend haunting and 1970s vampire aviator wearing I totally forgot that Bishop still wants Aidan dead. So bad that he jumps through the window and stabs Aidan in the gut. This happens right when Sally's door appears (is there a time limit for these things?). And the show ends just like that. Will Aidan bleed to death? Will Sally step over to the other side? Will Josh's baby burst out of Nora's gut The Boys style? We're not sure, but there's only one episode left to flesh all this out.