Think twice before you enter a maze that does not end at the horizon. You never know where it won't take you.

This is just one of the many haunting and gorgeous worlds created by concept artist Jesse van Dijk. Have you ever seen a vertical city climbing the walls of a seaside cliff? What about a civilization built into the cracks in a planet's crust, or a village nestled among the half-submerged roots of giant mangrove trees? Now you will.

Here's more about van Dijk, who hails from Amsterdam:

Jesse currently works at Guerrilla Games (part of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) as a senior concept artist. He graduated at the Delft University of Technology with a Master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering in 2003. After his studies he worked for several smaller game development studios prior to joining Guerrilla in 2009.
Jesse has also done freelance work for major Hollywood film studios and international book publishers.

Find out more, and see more of his amazing work, on his website. (Spotted on Concept Ships!)