This short, stark video of a strange creature washed up on the beach at Bournemouth was released last month on YouTube. Just check it out. You will be consumed with curiosity and want to know more about WTF is happening.

But then, when the makers of this viral video revealed more about their movie The Bournemouth Incident, the magic began to wear off.

You can see the official trailer for the movie below.

Apparently, aliens emerge from these giant shell-egg things and join Bournemouth's artistic community. They start making weird, kinetic light sculptures - and then, "the incident" happens. Apparently it will involve explosions and blood. My interest levels immediately dropped when I saw this, despite how excited I was by the initial viral vid. Why?


First of all, what made the viral video so compelling was that it looked pretty realistic. Weird, giant shit does wash up on beaches all the time (witness the Montauk Monster), and a mysterious dead creature from the sea is always an intriguing mystery. Second, I liked the way the viral felt personal - it's supposed to be a camera phone vid of the shell-egg, and that's exactly how it feels. I felt like this was happening in my world, and I related to the half-seen people in the clip even though, like I said, they were half-seen.

But the trailer? Suddenly, I'm not dealing with a mystery egg on the beach or a personal brush with weirdness. It's an international news event, and not only that but it's inexplicably turned into some kind of parody of hipster artists in Bournemouth. Not going for it. Especially when the whole creepy "incident" has now been robbed of its mystery and turned into a snarky joke on how dumb artists are.


Sometimes, a 15-second viral can be better than a 90 minute movie. I hope that's not the case here - this movie could still turn out to be pretty awesome. But the trailer definitely feels like a letdown compared to the promise offered by the viral.

Revel in the virals over at The Bournemouth Incident website.

Thanks for the tip, Susan Grubert!