Green Lantern won over a skeptical crowd with hot new footage of superhero space opera action last night. And now you can see for yourself!

Warner Bros. uploaded four minutes of new scenes, a condensed and edited version of what we saw yesterday. Does it wow you as much as it did the crowds at the Moscone Center? Also, we've got some screencaps below.

Watch the footage in HD over at Apple. Meanwhile, here are some quick and dirty screencaps. Click to enlarge:

Hal Jordan surrounded by alien Green Lanterns. To his right is Tomar-Re, to his left is M'Dahna, plus one other alien GL that I don't recognize off the top of my head.

More alien Green Lanterns. I see Isamot Kol and what looks like Salakk.

Morro, Kilowog, Boodikka and maybe Bzzd?

The rocky fellow is Hannu, and I'm blanking out on who the other folks are right now. Suggestions?

They all turn and look at us, giving us a better view.

Everybody shoots his/her/its power ring skywards.

A nice aerial view of some of those alien lanterns.

A pretty good look at Parallax in action.

Hal Jordan's machine gun.

One last look at all those alien Lanterns.