Sit on the Iron Throne of Westeros, view a new collection of alien creatures from Green Lantern (including Galius Zed!) and see the new cosplay that's all the rage. Here's the best of what's on the floor at WonderCon.

An amazing video of the cosplay action happening at WonderCon. Thanks for the tip Mark Day!

Game of Thrones Booth.

Tull size reproduction of the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Ned Stark's costume, Daenerys Targaryen's costume, King Baratheon's costume and a Maester's costume were all there.

Spider-Murray prints from John R Mathis.

Cute comic titled Nipples on the Batsuit. Why was it titled that? Because nipples on the batsuit were wrong and unnecessary, and so is this comic (according to the creators).

Sexy new Green Lantern banner.

A better look at The Guardians from the Green Lantern movie toys.

Green Man from the Green Lantern movie toys.

Not from the movie toys, but still awesome.

Excellent Dr. Horrible cosplay.

A comic book called God The Dyslexic Dog it's about God returning to Earth as a dog. Here's the synopsis:

Imagine a world, where the gods created by man, are all but abandoned. The gods, in their desperation, have now become the deities of the animals of earth. They now seek to over-throw both heaven and earth from their former masters, man, in their last ditch effort for survival.

Enter the Dyslexic Dog. An ordinary dog that's only beginning to understand how extraordinary he really is. A dog who is a god? On a leash? Under the reluctant control of one little boy.

Throw in an immortal god with suicidal aspirations & his nation of rowdy revelers; conspiracy internet & radio; time travel ; the end of the world coming in 2011 via the missing Mayan Calendar; Pandora's Box; a Pet Psychic who is anything but; the god Dar-win & his Evolution running wild; inept world governments? And so much more.

God the Dyslexic Dog takes all this and runs, turning everything on its head, giving the book a chance to explore, experiment and entertain in ways few others can. So, buy the ticket, take the ride and see what all the howling is about and if your family pet has been looking at you a little strangely, watch out!

Five & Diamond selling goggles and lots of excellent steampunk and victorian garb. I've got to admit, the fashion at WonderCon is easily some of the best I've ever seen at any convention anywhere.

More fashions!

Robert Kirkman selling his undead wares and talking to the press.

Secret Apprentice cosplay and a Zombie Stormtrooper!

X-Men Tarot card readings!

Jedi Robes

Sucker Punch cosplay, I have a suspicion that this will be the HUGE cosplay costume of Comic Con this year — because it's easy and ultra sexy.

Kuso Vinyl

The awesome folks of the California Browncoats.

Shepard Fairey's Obey street art meets a Stormtrooper. EDIT: Folks are saying that this is the Misfits logo. Sorry about the confusion.

Hot Zombie Chicks is hot.

Futurama Brain slugs.

True Blood T-shirts! (On sale at the IDW booth)

Steampunk jackets for dogs by Opera Scura.

Black Spy? EDIT: NOPE It's the Doctor from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

Ears and Tails for sale.

Repo Man.

Ninja Cat comic!'s display was rather epic.

Cretaceous Republic from the Super 7 Store. Just, wow. WonderCon I'm really starting to fall for you.

Jericho Continues crew. Keep the faith alive fellas (also thanks for showing me the excellent comic book series)!

Gorgeous Jackalope painting (and amazing prints) by Ben Walker.