The first images of Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as the grown up Hansel & Gretel are out. Clearly, their past run-in with the cannibalistic witch damaged these storybook siblings a bit, because the adult versions look ready to kill.

Accidental Sexiness has a crop of pictures from the set of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters with the reimagined Hansel and Gretel.


Here's the official synopsis:

Catching up with Hansel and Gretel 15 years after their incident involving a gingerbread house, the siblings have evolved into bounty hunters who hunt witches.

As ridiculous as the premise of this film is, we gotta root for a film that dares to spend Hollywood money turning these kids:


Into leather-wrapped witch-slayers. Plus, we love everyone attached to the picture! Tommy Wirkola (director of io9 beloved Nazi zombie film Dead Snow) is the director, Renner is playing the (no longer cherub-faced) Hansel, and we've been waiting for a new Arterton picture since Clash kept her wrapped up in robes most of the picture (for shame!). Dare we hope that this film be entertaining ‚ÄĒ or even good? Fingers crossed they find a way to get Renner in pair of lederhosen.

The film is scheduled to be released in March of 2012.