Tomorrow is the first day of WonderCon in San Francisco, and there's plenty to be excited about. Cowboys & Aliens, a first look at the ThunderCats series, and the new Superman! Here's what you should wait in line for.

What: Falling Skies
Why: The latest trailer and recent batch of posters (above) have slowly raised our expectations for TNT's post-alien invasion series Falling Skies. We're still not sure about the tone of this series, and hopefully some new footage will help us decide what kind of alien drama we can expect from Falling Skies.
Where: Esplanade Ballroom
When: Friday, 3:15 PM

What: The Zombie Masters: Max Brooks and Robert Kirkman
Why: With World War Z and The Walking Dead, Max Brooks and Robert Kirkman have revitalized the undead. Brooks will be answering zombie survival questions and helping you formulate your zombie emergency plans. Plus maybe he'll talk about the movie. Kirkman will talk about the comics and television series, plus he'll discuss his new Image Comics imprint Skybound, and his new time-traveling comic The Infinite.
Where: Room 104 (Brooks), Room 103 (Kirkman)
When: Friday, 2:30 (Brooks) and 5:00 (Kirkman)

What: New Green Lantern
Why: We haven't seen much of Warner Brothers' Green Lantern since the trailer. Fingers crossed the Green Lantern panel (which will include Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard) will include some new footage. Specifically, some Hector Hammond goodies. We really need to see a lot more of that noggin. And we're dying to see what an unhinged over-the-top Sarsgaard villain looks (and sounds) like.
Where: Esplanade Ballroom
When: Friday, 5:00 PM

What: Super Gruesome Clips From Super
Why: Rainn Wilson and director James Gunn are bringing a few new clips at the ultra-violent superhero flick Super. But the real draw is having these two together in a room.
Where: Room 103
When: Saturday, 12:30

What: Cowboys & Aliens
Why: Where will this alien feature fall in the recent outbreak of alien film making? Director Jon Favreau and producer and writer Bob Orci will be on hand to answer all of your alien tech questions and show some brand new footage.
Where: Esplanade Ballroom
When: Saturday, 1 PM

Why: Hanna is the new indie film you need to be championing, and not just because of the bold Chemical Brothers score. Joe Wright's new teen assassin flick shows us all that thrillers can still be artistic. There's nothing sexier than a 15-minute (we're guessing) one shot action sequence starring Eric Bana in a suit.
Where: Esplanade Ballroom
When: Saturday, 2 PM

Why: This is the first time anyone anywhere will see footage from Tarsem Singh's fantasy film Immortals. Plus Henry Cavill, the new Superman, will be there. So go to the panel and see Superman before he gets too big and you have to wait 8 hours for a glimpse of him on video in Comic Con's Hall H.
Where: Esplanade Ballroom
When: Saturday, 4 PM

What: Doctor Who
Why: See the first ever footage from the new season of Doctor Who which boasts scripts penned by Neil Gaiman, cameos from Mark Sheppard, and an explanation of River Song's mysterious plot line. Oh and Gaiman will be there, on the panel, live, in real life. Do not miss this.
Where: Esplanade Ballroom
When: Sunday, 11:30 AM

What: Terra Nova
Why: The most expensive show currently in production has yet to show more than 4 minutes of footage from their time traveling series (and only glimpses of the dinosaurs). Come and be the first to see Steven Spielberg's return to dinosaur drama. Also this panel will be moderated by Entertainment Weekly's Jeff "Doc" Jensen, so if you manage to see him in the hallway, feel free to ask him to explain the ending of Lost to you.
Where: Esplanade Ballroom
When: Sunday, 12:15

What: Thunder Cats
Why: The ThunderCats are back, and revamped with a sleek new Anime look. But will the new mute Snarf win over the nostalgic crowd? Go and see the first footage from the series. Will fans jeer "Snaaaarf" at the creators or applaud, "Hooooooo"?
Where:Esplanade Ballroom
When: Sunday, 1 PM