We've got five of the best tracks from The Chemical Brothers' score for Hanna, and a handful of violent stills. Hit play and get sucked into the mind of a child assassin for a few minutes of of your day.

There isn't much out there on Joe Wright's mysterious project Hanna. So far, we've glimpsed retro sets, lush greenery, hyper-energetic fight scenes — and now the Chemical Brothers soundtrack has been released on iTunes, allowing the audience to get a better feel for this strangely decaying sterile world director Joe Wright has created. The movie stars Saoirse Ronan as Hanna, who is raised alone in the wilderness by Eric Bana. When "she's ready," Hanna hits a mysterious button and lets the government (headed up by the violent Cate Blanchett) know where she is. Why Uncle Sam wants Hanna, or what Bana is doing with her is all a mystery. But one thing is for certain, Hanna is a deadly little girl. Hanna will be in theaters April 8th — but until then, enjoy a few favorites we've selected from the Chemical Brothers' score, and a collection of stills.