Ever wanted to spend your day watching yourself in third-person shooter mode, seeing the world from behind your head or over your shoulder? Now you can, thanks to Korean artist Hwang Kim's CCTV chandelier, the ultimate surveillance accessory.

Kim put the entire crazy device together himself, soldering circuit boards and mounting cameras on a metal skeleton that he design in a CAD program. Kim calls it a "Virtual Doppelganger Simulator," and writes:

Virtual Doppelganger Simulator" is an interactive installation that can reflect the viewer's Virtual Doppelganger. You can look objectively into yourself from a third person's point of view. This machine has 30 CCTVs surrounding and hanging near the viewer's face and engineering the viewer's experience to show their Virtual Doppelganger in the connected TVs. This wearable visual system then allows the participant to see his/her own body or the surrounding environment from a third person's perspective. Therefore, you yourself, the viewer and the visitor, are displayed as objects in the gallery.

Learn more about the CCTV chandelier via Hwang Kim's site (spotted on Design Boom)