Mini Battlestar Galactica reunion! In between shooting scenes for Ron Moore's new supernatural cop drama the 17th Precinct, Tricia Helfer sent out a set photo with her old BSG castmates Jamie Bamber and James Callis.

Yesterday Helfer tweeted this set photo writing: "Here ya go #BSG peeps. 6, Baltar, Apollo. Aka Morgana, John, Caolan."


The 17th Precinct is set in the fictional town of Exelsior. The drama follows a team of mystical crime-fighting cops. Helfer plays Morgana a "necromancer" otherwise known as a coroner to the magically deceased. Callis is a homicide detective named John, and Bamber is a crime scene expert with the name Caol√°n Longstreet. It's just one of the many fantasy shows coming to TV. Fingers crossed Moore can hit this series out of the park as well.

Via SFX.