I am a book fetishist. I love the feel of an old book, its soft pages and slightly musty smell. The frayed edges of its hard cover. And I love the starchy slab of a new paperback. How can decidedly unsexy e-book readers ever quench my book lust? Well, it turns out that they can - if they're enclosed in the right cover or stored in the perfect piece of furniture. Here are a few e-book accessories that will appeal to old-fashioned book lovers like me.

Wireless device reader photo by Kate Steib.

The "This Is Not A Book" slip cover fits iPads, and is from Nedrelow ($100, and for $10 more you can order custom text on the book).

This sexy moleskine lookalike cover for iPad comes from Dodocase. I have one of these and it made me love reading books on the iPad. ($60)

The Book Book from Twelve South is for iPad and iPad 2 and looks just like an old leather-bound volume. ($70)

But maybe you'd rather pay tribute to a book you love. Tashina O'Neill turns hardcover books into covers for the Nook, Kindle, or iPad, in her store A Book Is A Book on Etsy ($30).

If you want your Kindle 3 to look just like a cool old library book, or to be nestled in a leather case (complete with pencil holder), look no further than Heather Schnelle's Rook Case store on Etsy (Kindle 3 book cases start at $40; there are also iPad cases)


Don't want to spend lots of money on an e-book cover because you already broke the bank shelling out for that iPad 2? Instructables has a great tutorial on making your own e-book cover out of an old book.

But it's not all about covers. There are also ways to use lovely old library furniture for your e-book readers too. You can read this simple how-to and find out how Bloomington Junior High School volunteers turned the card catalog case into a storage area for Nooks and Kindles. (via eBook Newser)