If you're a Tron fan with an iPad, Disney Publishing has an app for you: Tron: Legacy The Complete Story is an interactive digital book app featuring not just one but two new illustrated art interpretations of the new film. Including numerous assets from the official movie, the app is both compelling material for fans as well as a unique take on the emerging "digital book" genre various publishers are exploring in tablet format.

The "main show" of The Complete Story app is a 150-page retelling of the events of Tron: Legacy, rendered in illustrated storybook form and punctuated by corresponding actual stills from the movie. The audio accompanying the interactive book is Daft Punk's End of Line from the original film soundtrack which, although is an enjoyable track, leads me to my one minor complaint about the app: Listening to one song on repeat for 150 pages, even if it's a brisk-paced comic, can get a bit repetitive. You can also turn the audio off while paging through the book, but additional sound options might have been a nice touch here.

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Audio aside, the visual presentation of the interactive book is superb. The artwork is a fresh reimagining of the film, staying true to its visual effects and well preserving the visages of the cast while ushering in a creative new format for enjoying the franchise. Simply swipe back and forth to move forward and backward within the book, or tap the page to bring up the table of contents strip on the bottom of the screen to jump around. A number of the storybook's pages include a Photo icon that can be tapped to bring up actual still frames from the movie matching the current action in the book.

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Tapping the screen at any point during the storybook view brings up both the aforementioned table of contents as well as the simple main menu controls at the upper right. Cover simply takes you back to the beginning of the storybook; Multimedia is a pathway to the other significant piece of interactive content in the app (which we'll talk about next); Information brings up both instructions on how to use the app along with credits; and "Music on/off" is simply an audio control that determines whether End of Line is playing or silent.

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From the Multimedia menu, you can view a slide show of all the included movie stills that are featured as companion elements within the app's interactive storybook. In the Music section, you can listen to another track from the film's official soundtrack: Derezzed, also by the movie's cameo-appearing Daft Punk. The middle menu option, Motion Comics, takes you to the first edition of an episodic Tron: Legacy motion comic.


Episode One of the motion comic is a video rendition of an animated comic, with panels flying in and out of the viewable area, moving elements within comic cells, plus movie sound effects and actual dialogue from the film to accompany characters' speech. The short but entertaining 5-minute segment offers yet another interactive interpretation of the Tron franchise and promises an additional 5 forthcoming episodes to be unveiled in one or more free updates.

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Originally $8.99, the Complete Story app is now available for an unspecified limited time for $3.99. While the original price may have turned away some, the new price point seems reasonable for a high-quality, entertaining illustrated art application in the Tron universe, complete with official film assets both visual and auditory. As a personal long-time Tron fan, there's little to disappoint here - although we'd recommend grabbing the app at its lower price point while it's still available.

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