Gary Oldman, who plays the purple-robed, silver-fingernailed priest in Red Riding Hood, is a renowned and talented actor. And as such, has had myriad opportunities to make a fool of himself. That he has only done so sartorially is a credit to the man, but doesn't let him off the hook. Here's the craziest, silliest, hottest, and downright best costumes Gary Oldman ever wore.

10. Dr. Zachary Smith in Lost in Space

It looks like just plain black, but then one can add in a jacket that doubles as a skirt and a collar that lets him double for a priest, and everything is beautiful. Especially when paired with, "Give my regards to oblivion."

9. The Devil in Beat the Devil

Some people play the devil in three piece suits. Some people play the devil in slinky black dresses. Drunk Halloween partiers sometimes play the devil in red tights and sparkly horns, but only Gary Oldman can play the devil in a tousled rust-red wig, aviator glasses and an embroidered, sequined jacket with shoulder pads. Gary Oldman's devil looks like an eighties-era member of the Rotary club got into a head-on collision with a fighter pilot. He's a man of wealth and taste.

8. Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element

There aren't many men who can look good wearing an autumn sunset while sitting in front of a window looking out onto an autumn sunset, but damn it, this guy pulls it off.

7. Drexl Spivey in True Romance

Sure, in the official version of the movie he plays a pimp, but if you look at the subtext, this guy is clearly the devil's son from Beat the Devil. Sure this movie was made nine years before Beat the Devil, but Beelzebub is tricky that way.

6. Sirius Black in The Harry Potter Series

However you feel about the character, whether he's a resilient survivor or a whining victim, the man can wear a waistcoat. And that's not easy to do. Plus, in this shot he appears to be pairing purple with green while not looking like the Joker.

5. Beethoven in Immortal Beloved

This looks pretty tame. Sure, it takes a strong chin to pull off a red silk ascot. And it takes eyes of tempered steel to bring down the embroidered flowers on the jacket. But what really makes this impressive is it was done within a year of True Romance. Which means the roadie up at number seven is the stern German composer here.

4. Young Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula

It doesn't matter that he's out in broad daylight, and it doesn't matter that no one at that point in time would really have heard of vampires. It doesn't even matter that he's wearing John Lennon glasses. That man is a vampire. Mina should have spotted that. Clearly the woman behind him knows.

3. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg in the Fifth Element. Again.

The Fifth Element once again shows its achievements in costume design and Gary Oldman once again shows it achievements in the wearing of vests. He's so incredible in this that you can't even notice the hair. He's so incredible in this that it got its own lego figure.

2. Father Solomon in Red Riding Hood

Okay. I know that pants are a relatively new invention. I know that men wore robes, and if they wish to start the practice again, I support them. But this isn't a robe. This is one of those gowns that movie stars wore in the thirties. And it's purple. The only two people who could pull this off are Bette Davis and Gary Oldman, and that is high praise indeed. To top it off, of the two, only Oldman has silver fingernails.

1. Old Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula

Let's face it. There's only one costume that can top this list. This is the costume that sparked a million parodies, and Oldman wears it with his head held high. Although that might only be because the weight of his hair would snap his neck if he tipped his head forward in shame.