The Vermicious Knids, from Roald Dahl's Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator, are a species of genocidal and amorphous egg-shaped aliens from the planet Vermes. They're famous for shaping themselves into the word, "Scram" before they attack.

The Vom, from Alan Dean Foster's Plip and Flinx novel Bloodhype, is an ancient world-killing blob guarded by a warrior race called the Tar-Aiym.

Stanley G. Weinbaum's Parasite Planet concerns creatures of undifferentiated protoplasm at the top of the Venusian foodchain called doughpots.

Alex Mack, from the Nickelodeon series The Secret World of Alex Mack, was a normal teenage girl until being drenched in a top-secret chemical compound called GC-161, giving her the ability to morph into a mercurial puddle.

Teen Titans villain Plasmus was formerly a German miner named Otto Von Furth, but after exposure to a transformative radioactive radium during a cave-in, became a being of fiery humanoid protoplasm.

Thrakazog is the evil ruler of Dimension 14B In The Tick episode "The Tick Vs. The Uncommon Cold." He plans to conquer Earth with his Tick clones, spawned from his own mucous.

Gloop and Gleep, described in the opening narration to The Herculoids as "formless, fearless wonders" protect the planet Amzot from alien invasion with the help of Tundro, Igoo and Zok.

Futurama's Horrible Gelatinous Blob is a reoccurring character
with a penchant for eating those he's upset with.

Batman Beyond's Inque is an industrial saboteur and polymorphic biogenic mutant able to manipulate her size and shape at will.

In the world of Pokemon, there are five gelatinous specimens, Grimer, Muk, Ditto, Gulpin and Swallot. Of them all, Muk may be the most viscous.

In Cowboy Bebop's "Toys in the Attic", the crew is terrorized by a black squirming mass eventually revealed to be a new life form spawned from a forgotten, rare lobster Spike kept in the back of his refrigerator.

Jellax is a droid made entirely from a red gel, and enemy to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. She appeared in the nineteenth episode of Sailor Moon R.

In the Powerpuff Girls episode, "Catastrophe", the girls battle an indestructible blob tearing through the City of Townsville in search of his missing pet cat. The girls find it lodged in the monster's butt crack.

In the film Angry Red Planet, the crewmen of the MR-1 encounter a
huge, cyclopean amoeba.

In the 1966 film Island of Terror, scientists hoping to cure cancer instead create oozing "silicates", murderous tentacled creatures that digest human bone and terrorize the inhabitants of the remote Petrie's Island.

The benign transient aliens in It Came From Outer Space are one-eyed blobs in their natural states.

The Stuff, from Larry Cohen's film of the same name is a white bubbling muck mined from the Earth and repackaged as a yogurt-like dessert. The Stuff has mind controlling capabilities, and when ingested, gradually softens the flesh from within to a juicy, malleable state.

In Caltiki – The Immortal Monster, archeologists connect the discovery of a living blob and passing comet with the collapse of ancient Mayan civilization.

In the film Something Beneath, a sentient sluice of hallucinogenic goo kills the attendees at an eco-conference by bringing their darkest fears to life — until the heroic environmentalist priest Kevin Sorbo steps in.

Shape-shifting slime released from a mysterious briefcase after a drug deal goes bad targets the motley inhabitants of a rundown LA apartment, including a drunken artist, his nasty landlord and an adult video crew in the film Bio-Slime, AKA "Contagion".

Nimbar, the surrogate Zordon character from the Power Rangers knockoff Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills, imbued four high school students with the power to become Galactic Sentinels after giving them tattoos based on constellations in the celestial sphere.

After being hit by a wave of radiation from Saturn, astronaut Steven West becomes The Incredible Melting Man, and is doomed to consume the flesh of the living as it will somehow slow his inevitable fate.

A second Melting Man appeared as a background character in A Nightmare Before Christmas.

In The X-Files, Purity, also called Black Oil and Black Cancer, is the sentient life force of alien colonists, able to enter a human host and control it from within. The Syndicate tried to distribute it to the masses through Africanized bees and transgenic corn.

Time Slime was one of the thirteen ghosts Vincent Van Ghoul sends the Scooby Gang to capture in an episode of The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo. Scooby quits the gang shortly after meeting him, but Van Ghoul shows him what life would be like in his absence.