What's going on in these set photos from the new Doctor Who series? Fans are speculating that they show a major event in the lives of the mysterious time-traveling alien, the Doctor, and his friend Amy Pond.

Spoilers ahead...

These photos come via Wales Online, and well... click the next photo for the speculation about what they reveal. [Thanks Shaun!]

Why is Amy kissing the Doctor on the forehead? Is she leaving him for good? Presumably with Rory — although he's not in these photos, I can't help but notice.


And a tearful hug, which also seems to confirm the "Amy saying goodbye" theory. Is this one of the final scenes of season six?

Amy and the Doctor having a heart-to-heart.


More of that soul-baring chat.

The Doctor looks quite glum about something.


And here they are, just looking past each other.

And then... what certainly looks like the Doctor going into the TARDIS alone. Sigh.