Slime Monsters— Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman) is the principal villain of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie. He trapped Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa inside a snow globe on the moon, and controls an army of birdmen that he calls "Tengu Warriors", created from his own snot. Ooze was killed in outer space after the Ninja Falcon Megazord hurled him into the pathway of Ryan's Comet.

The Blob, from the Criterion Collection-inaugurated 1958 classic, is an amorphous, living "splotch" of meteor jelly, that grows larger the more it consumes. Steve Andrews (McQueen) discovers it cannot tolerate the cold, and rounds up his friends to freeze it with fire extinguishers stolen from the local high school. The Air Force transports it to the North Pole to keep it on ice permanently afterward. In the remake, it's frozen with a truck of liquid nitrogen by Kevin Dillon and Shawnee Smith, where it has better control of its moldability, producing tentacular "arms" at will.