It's been a very good year for Detroit's crime-fighting cyborg. You've seen the RoboCop statue plans and heard Peter Weller address the robo-statue naysayers. Now it looks like the RoboCop remake from MGM is finally going forward.

There's just one hitch — even though Darren Aronofsky said that he was invested in this project, the studio has decided to make the film with Elite Squad 2's director José Padilha, according to Deadline. After all of the studios financial woes, it looks like this will be the film that MGM pushes out of the gate first, which makes sense with the current pro-Robo climate.


Padilha got a lot of love in Sundance, but we wonder, will he keep the current version of the reboot script, based in L.A.? Or set this feature back in futuristic Detroit, where it belongs?

Image by io9's Belabras.