Famous Monsters is more than just an iconic magazine founded by Forrest J. Ackerman — it's a lifestyle. Long before Lady Gaga was a fame monster, there were Frankenstein, Dracula and other classics, basking in their celebrity status.

Now Famous Monsters magazine is selling Giclee prints of some of its most amazing covers, featuring artists like Bill Selby, Bob Eggleton, Richard Corben and Vince Evans. Above is Richard Corben's Bela Lugosi. Check out our gallery of more of the best covers — including Voldemort, a Predator, Nosferatu and Eggleton's H.P. Lovecraft cover!

More at the link. [Captain Co.]

Hammer Horror by Bill Selby


Harry Potter by Jason Edmiston

Lost Souls by Kerry Gammill


H.P. Lovecraft cover by Bob Eggleton

Nightbreed by Guy Davis


Nosferatu by Richard Corben

Predator by Vince Evans


Vincent Price by Jason Edmiston