There's been a lot of talk about robosexual marriage lately — with some people claiming it will destroy society. But the truth is, robots have been marrying humans for years, with no ill effects.

Here are 10 pioneers of machine-human matrimony to help you get over your hangups.

10) Robo-Calliope
On the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives, Eugene (John de Lancie!) marries the beautiful Calliope in early 1986. Soon afterwards, though, Eugene builds a time machine and vanishes into the future. (Really!) When Eugene returns, he's got a android copy of his wife, Calliope, that he made in the future. But men from the future show up, wanting to take back the Calliope android — but they take the real Calliope by mistake, leaving Eugene with his robot wife.

9) Robo-Braling in Marionettes, Inc.
In this Ray Bradbury story, adapted for Alfred Hitchcock Presents as well as The Ray Bradbury Theater, a man named Braling uses an android duplicate of himself to fulfill his spousal duties, while he goes off and frolics. Unfortunately for him, both the android duplicate and his wife develop feelings for each other.

8) Rhoda the Robot
The show My Living Doll, which aired from 1964-1965, was all about Rhoda the Robot (played by future Catwoman Julie Newmar!). She's given to Air Force psychologist Bob McDonald, to live undercover as a human so he can teach her to be an ideal woman... by cooking and cleaning for him. This show is the origin of the phrase "Does Not Compute."

7) Andrew
In the film Bicentennial Man, the android played by Robin Williams crawls into the uncanny valley, and eventually comes out on the other side, enough to allow him to marry the granddaughter of his former owner. Andrew and Portia are happy together, but will society ever accept their love? (Spoilers: Yes.)

6) Vanessa the Fembot
Austin Powers marries the lovely Vanessa at the end of the first movie — but early in the second movie, it's revealed she's actually a fembot! Sadly, the international man of mystery doesn't decide to roll with this, but instead rejects the lovely Vanessa, thus making this a fairly short-lived robosexual marriage.

5) Helen O'Loy
The 1938 story of the same name by Lester Del Rey may be the earliest example of human-android marriage ever. Dave, a mechanic, helps to upgrade a household robot so she can feel emotions — and she falls in love with him. Eventually, he learns to love her back, and they're married. But she's faced with the pain of surviving after his death.

4) The Stepford Wives
The men in the town of Stepford, CT decide to replace their wives with robot duplicates, in this ultra-creepy novel by Ira Levin, later made into an ultra-creepy movie. (Ignore the hideous Nicole Kidman remake.)

3) Red Tornado
He fell in love with Kathy Sutton, and proposed to her in Justice League of America Vol. 2, #25. Their relationship had its ups and downs — most notably when he spent a long period of time being immobile in an old JLA HQ, and when he lost his robot body — they still had a great marriage while it lasted, and they adopted a lovely daughter, Traya.

2) The Cylons
If you are willing to accept that Battlestar Galactica's Cylons are androids, which is debatable, then they are the ultimate pioneers of robosexual marriage. Who didn't marry a Cylon at some point? Starbuck, Helo, Callie... they all married frakking Cylons.

1) The Vision
Even though it couldn't last, this is still the greatest human-android marriage of them all. When Scarlet Witch and Vision were both in the Avengers, they grew closer and closer together, until the Avengers' butler Jarvis realized they were in love and encouraged them to get together. Finally, they married — but eventually the Vision's memory was wiped, and without an infusion of Wonder Man's soul energy stuff, the Vision could no longer be the man that Scarlet Witch loved.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson.