It's been in the works for positively forever, but FX has finally ordered a pilot episode of Brian Michael Bendis' and Michael Avon Oeming's long-running superhero series Powers. Yesterday Bendis confirmed the news when he tweeted:

Powers pilot was just greenlit by FX! it's official! your window of reading Powers while it was still cool is running out :)

Powers began at Image Comics, where it wasn't encumbered by an editorial mandate to tone down any cussing, nudity, or violence. The book later went to Marvel's Icon imprint, where Bendis could maintain the book's gritty tone. Given that FX isn't a channel to shy away from TV-MA content (see: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy), the show should be able to mirror the comic's streetwise tenor.


Given that Wonder Woman's becoming Amazon McBeal on NBC and the fact that Bendis' adult-themed title Alias could be bowdlerized when it airs on ABC, it feels good to not have to worry about a superhero comic-to-TV adaptation missing the point. Of course, the cussing wasn't what made Powers great — that honor goes to Bendis' world-building and Oeming's noirish pencils — but at least we know we're not getting Cop Rock with capes.